The Team

Fahim Farook, CTO

Fahim Farook

Fahim Farook has been working as a developer for around two decades in Sri Lanka, USA, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, and now Singapore. He’s programmed in many languages (xBase, Perl, Delphi, Java, PHP, Ruby, C/C++, and C#) for many platforms (Linux, Unix, Windows, and Apple Mac OS). Fahim is experienced at creating a wide range of applications and solutions depending upon client requirements.

Additionally, Fahim has had hundreds of articles published in national magazines and newspapers and has also worked as an editor for multiple national newspapers and magazines.

When Fahim isn’t coding, writing, or editing for his clients, he maintains his blog of eleven years and writes science fiction for fun and amusement.

Fahim can be reached by email at fahim (at)