Pink Zombie Studios

Pink Zombie StudiosPink Zombie Studios is our brand for apps we’ve developed for ourselves. Pink Zombie Studios apps are developed by Fahim Farook of RookSoft and Laurie Ashton Farook.

Pink Zombie Studios aims to develop fun and colourful games and apps for various platforms including iOS, watchOS, tvOS, macOS, iMessage, iBooks, and Android.

Completed Projects

We’ve completed many apps through our Pink Zombie Studios brand. Alternately, you can find a listing of our current apps on the Apple app store. Please note that outdated apps have been removed from our website as well as from the Apple app store.

Here are some of the apps we’ve completed.

QArc - macOS

QArc – macOS

Iconizer - macOS

Iconizer – macOS

WriteOn, iOS

WriteOn – iOS

WordOne, iOS

WordOne – iOS

CookieCal - iOS

CookieCal – iOS

Tic Tac Toe Arena, iOS and iMessage

Tic Tac Toe Arena – iOS and iMessage

Camping Sticker Pack - iMessage

Camping Sticker Pack – iMessage

LifeLine - macOS

LifeLine – macOS

Shufflefrenzy Android casual game

Shufflefrenzy – Android

WriteIdeas - iOS

WriteIdeas – iOS