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CookieCal is available for purchase through the Apple iTunes Store.

CookieCal is a useful utility for cooks everywhere, making converting temperatures, or volumes and weights for ingredients a breeze! Whether you’re a casual home cook, a foodie, a cooking student, or a chef, you’ll find CookieCal to be an invaluable tool.

CookieCal Lite is the lite version of CookieCal and features the Temperatures Tab only.

Temperature Tab

Have a recipe that shows a cooking temperature in Fahrenheit, but your oven shows gas marks only? Or the recipe shows Celsius but you need Fahrenheit? CookieCal can show you the equivalent Celsius, Fahrenheit, or gas mark for all of the most common oven temperatures. CookieCal even provides you with a written description of the oven heat to help with older recipes.

Additionally, you can enter a temperature in Fahrenheit, Celsius, or Kelvin, and CookieCal will automatically convert that temperature to the other two.

temps CookieCal

Volume / Weight Tab

Need to convert a recipe ingredient from cups to grams, pounds to gallons, milliliters to tablespoons? CookieCal easily converts between different types of volume measurements, weight measurements, or even between volume and weight measurements.

ing-1 CookieCaling-2 CookieCal

Need to convert an ingredient between volume and weight measurements that isn’t listed? As long as you have the density for that ingredient, conversion with CookieCal is a breeze! Simply enter the density figure into the density box and CookieCal will do the rest!

CookieCal converts amounts between

  • cubic centimeter
  • cubic meter
  • cubic foot
  • cubic inch
  • cup (US)
  • gallon – UK, US, or US dry
  • kilogram
  • liter
  • milligram
  • milliliter
  • ounce – UK liquid, US liquid, or weight
  • pint – UK, US, or US dry
  • pound
  • quart – UK, US, or US dry
  • tablespoon – UK or US
  • teaspoon – UK or US


Help provides basic information on how to use CookieCal.


Support for CookieCal

If you have any questions about CookieCal, experience any problems, or have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to visit our support forums.