Can you give me a quote for “x”-type of application (or, for an application like “y”)?

Our fixed fee quotes are based on an exact estimate of the time taken to create a particular application. In order for us to provide a quote, we need to know your exact requirements for the app to determine the scope of the project. Usually, we go through several cycles of questions and answers with the client to nail down the exact scope of the project and all the expected features before we provide a per-project quote. If you are looking for an off-the-cuff quote for your project, we probably are not a good fit since we will always require a complete project description before we provide a quote.

To correctly calculate the potential time taken for a project, we need to know the features, the number of screens the application will have, whether the graphics will be provided by you or we have to source our own, whether there is data entry (or text formatting) involved, and a few other details.

Please e-mail us if you’re interested and we’ll start the information gathering process. 🙂