Door Bells

Mobile app developer RookSoft (Singapore) has released for immediate download iOS app Door Bells on Apple's App Store

DoorBells has been taken over by the undead at Pink Zombie Studios, where a new, improved, zombified version is now available for download. And the zombies made it free! Get yours today!

DoorBells is a new door bell for the electronic age for those people who arrive outside somebody’s house can calls them on the mobile to let them know that they’re outside.

DoorBells Lite is the old free version of DoorBells. Where DoorBells allows you to select your top seven most-frequently visited people, DoorBells Lite lets you select your one top most-frequently visited person.

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DoorBells allows you to set up as many as seven people from your contacts list as easily-accessible door bells. When you visit one of these seven people and you’re outside their door, you can launch DoorBells, tap on the door bell associated with their name, and a door bell sounds while the iPhone dials their number to let them know you’re outside.

If you have a big contacts list, DoorBells can also be used as a frequently called number list.

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Use the Setting icon in the fanlight to add or edit up to seven bells. You can set the default bell (the big one) by selecting any contact in the contact list under settings.

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Support for DoorBells

If you have any questions about DoorBells, experience any problems, or have any comments or suggestions,please feel free to visit our support forums.