Mobile Apps

Salon’s Android App

RookSoft Pte Ltd developed the Android app for It’s suitable for use on both smartphones and tablet devices. This is an ongoing project with new features being developed.

Now This News iOS app

“NowThisNews Delivers a Premium iOS News Watching Experience.” – Mashable “Walter who? We no longer block out an hour to watch the evening news. NowThis News takes a different approach to news consumption that caters to the YouTube-loving crowd.” – FastCompany Huffington Post co-founder Ken Lerer and former CEO Eric Hippeau have collaborated to create […]

Salon’s iOS (iPhone, iPad) App

RookSoft Pte. Ltd. was responsible for creating an iOS app for Initially, an iPhone-only app was developed, then later, functionality was added for the iPad. This is an ongoing project. Here are some screenshots of the app.


ShuffleFrenzy is our flagship game from our new Pink Zombie Studios brand. Long for the old carnival days when you could enjoy a good shell game? Do you want to find how fast your eye is? If you said, “YES”, ShuffleFrenzy is the game for you! ShuffleFrenzy is a simple game – follow the shuffling cups […]


Symptomatic is now available for download on the Apple iTunes App Store. Do you suffer from allergies but don’t know the cause? Are you trying to figure out the trigger to a migraine or another symptom? Do you want to track a symptom frequency and severity? Symptomatic can help you. With Symptomatic, you can track: […]

Huffington Post iPad app

Huffington Post’s redesign of their iOS iPad-only app was a complete overhaul into a native iPad application. RookSoft developed the native iPad application from version 2.0 starting in October 2010 and continued until March 2012 with version 3.5. Additionally, RookSoft also contributed to the iOS-iPhone only app. Here are some screenshots of the app:


SpeechStakes is a fun app that helps you organise a sweepstake on the length of speeches at a wedding.

CookieCal Lite

CookieCal Lite is a useful utility for cooks everywhere, making converting temperatures a breeze!Whether you need to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius or to Gas Marks, or to find out what that recipe means by “moderately hot oven” or “warm oven”, CookieCal Lite is your answer! For that matter, converting a temperature between Celsius, Fahrenheit, and […]


CookieCal is a useful utility for cooks everywhere, making converting temperatures, or volumes and weights for ingredients a breeze! Whether you’re a casual home cook, a foodie, a cooking student, or a chef, you’ll find CookieCal to be an invaluable tool. Temperature Tab Have a recipe that shows a cooking temperature in Fahrenheit, but your […]

A Book of Nonsense by Edward Lear

Edward Lear (1812-1888) was renowned for his literary nonsense and was responsible for popularizing the form of poetry known as the limerick. In addition to being a poet, he was also an author, illustrator, and artist. A Book of Nonsense by Edward Lear was originally published in 1846 and is now here, in ebook form, […]