FahimĀ“s professional service and product devlivered through the developing process of iMemorize was just fantastic. Everything went smooth and delivered in time and in scope of estimated price. If you hire Fahim, you hire quality.

Rune Carlsen


Fahim is the guy you should hire. He is able to promise a bunch, deliver on time and include extras that you weren’t even smart enough to ask for in the first place.

I’ve hired at least a half dozen web designers and developers. I have been disappointed with ALL of them except for Fahim Farook. The rest of them were over budget, way late, incompetent, difficult to work with, and usually all of the above. No so with Fahim. He’s terrific.

If you, like me, are a bit worried about hiring somebody who is on the other side of the globe, look no further. You’ve found him. My only fear is that Fahim will have so much work that he’ll no longer have time to work with me.

Here are two examples of his awesome skills and service. First, he was very patient with me about changes, suggestions, and coaching me to better understand this complicated web stuff. He was always there with specific advice, choices, and a willingness to “try it and see if you like it.” The second example: at one point he told me, “I can do that, but it isn’t in my area of expertise, so I’ll have to be a bit more expensive on this part of the project.” I engaged a different pro for that tiny part of the job, saved some money, and ended up totally respecting Fahim all the more. He has earned my business.

Besides, he’s a genuinely pleasant and likable guy. And in my book, life is to short to work with idiots…no matter how smart they are.

Without ANY reservation I recommend that you hire Fahim immediately. I don’t care what you need to do, if he says he can do it you should hire him.

Brad Montgomery (Colorado, USA)


Brad Montgomery has also produced two videos on YouTube recommending Fahim Farook.

Hire Fahim Farook: iPhone Development


Hire Fahim Farook: Web Development


By far one of the most attentive developers we’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Responsive, responsible, and very thorough with the work. Fahim is your one stop developer for all your iPhone requirements.

Esra’a Al Shafei (Bahrain)
Mideast Youth Foundation

Mid-East Youth
Mid-East Tunes
Twitter Posting Tool

The Reach Accounting iPhone app works just as I imagined, and your turnaround was excellent. I am surprised at how easy it was to convey my requirements over the phone and via email. It would have cost me three times more to build this in Australia, and from now on, you will be my first choice for iPhone development.

Var Fernando (Australia)
Reach Accounting iPhone App
ForeScoreMattel ToyLabs
Best Friends Pets
QA Automation
Australian Bridal Services
SAT Ivy League

Fahim is one of the most knowledgeable, helpful people I’ve ever known. He is not only a talented writer, but a bottomless source of computer skills.

Charlie Stuart (USA)
Volunteer Super Moderater and Admin, AbsoluteWrite 



Fahim shows creativity, grace, and intelligence, regardless of the challenges he’s faced with. He’s a talented writer and editor with an easy command of tone and style. He clearly possesses a wide range of knowledge and skills, and brings enthusiasm and a personable approach to projects. I’m delighted to have a chance to highly recommend him.

MacAllister Stone (USA)
Editor in Chief, Absolute Write

Fahim is a knowledgeable and valuable team member dedicated to providing best professional experience to both customers and team members.

Nemanja Zeljkovic
Systems Engineer, Defender Technologies Group, LLC

Fahim is an extremely IT knowledgable individual and has a close attention to detail. He is a great team player, always ready to help and assist his colleagues in any issues that may arise during work.

Dragan Stamatovic
Shift Supervisor, Defender Technologies Group, LLC

Fahim, you’ve done a fantastic job on our PHP project in an amazingly short amount of time. Your attention to details and prompt replies to our questions are greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend you to anyone with a code writing project. You are an expert in your field–with prices that are extremely reasonable.

Martin Berda
Owner, BERDA CompuGraphix[6]
[email protected] 

Graphic Designer
Text Designer

Fahim was a pleasure to work with. He was fast, courteous and went well beyond the call of duty to ensure a quality product, bug free and working to exact specifications.

Chuck Neal
CEO, MediaMacros, Inc.

Fahim, I’d like to thank you for your excellent work on Harvester. The application is everything I wanted – small, fast, and stable. I was amazed that it only took you three days to turn out a finished product.

Edward McCain Project

Fahim helped us with two smaller projects and we were very happy with the results! He works hard and has great communication which is key when you are a freelancer. We will be using him again in the future and recommend him.

Ben Welch-bolen
President at Bweeb Inc.
SEO Service Directory

Fahim has been a volunteer system administrator and moderator at a writing forum where I also volunteer. He co-moderates a technical support forum where he has offered appropriate, useful, and easy to follow technical support for some very naive users. He also provides tertiary level support for a variety of issues related to content management systems and scripting, and he is an experienced and informed sys admin for our heavily used (over 19K users) bulletin board system running on a colocated remotely adminned Unix system, where his experience as a Unix admin, SQL user, and PHP programmer have all been used. Fahim is exceedingly proficient as a writer, and incredibly patient; I’d love to be able to work with him in the real world, and heartily recommend him as a colleague and a person.

Lisa Spangenberg
Admin, Absolute Write