Our Services

At RookSoft, because we have experience in a wide variety of programming languages and platforms, we can provide an all-inclusive solution to your needs. Whether you need a simple mobile application or also need a website application/database or a desktop application to sync with your mobile application, we can deliver it all.

We have developed a wide and varied range of mobile applications for our clients including:

  • An iOS-native magazine-layout for a large news and commentary site.
  • Business applications such as an iPhone client for an online accounting solution that allows the user to post expenses (and even a photo of the receipts) via the iPhone.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and location-based applications which provide information about points of interest around the user using GPS technology
  • Educational applications for children which teach them basics about the world around them.
  • Several utility applications such as a unit calculator and conversion tool to be used in cooking and an application which reminds the user to manage their medication.
  • Entertainment applications such as e-books and multimedia presentations.
  • Social networking applications which leverage popular services such as Twitter and Facebook.

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