Sir Insult-a-lot

Mobile app developer RookSoft (Singapore) has released for immediate download iOS app Sir Insult-a-lot on Apple's App Store

Sir Insult-a-lot is a fun application which will generate over 20 million unique insults on the fly. It uses the iPhone interface in an intuitive manner – shake your iPhone to generate a new insult. Or, use the “Spin” button or spin the wheels manually.

Sir Insult-a-lot encourages word-skill building by using a list of words which are unusual and not so common. If you are a word enthusiast, this will definitely help build your vocabulary while providing loads of entertainment.

Want to have even more fun with the Sir Insult-a-lot? Engage in all-out no-holds-barred INSULT WARS! with your friends. The winner can be chosen in many ways – The Quick Draw (the quickest to say the insult out loud), The Smart Aleck (he who knows what all the words mean), The Fake Smart Aleck (she who can fake knowing what all the words mean while keeping a straight face), The Dictionary (he who can provide the most convincing dictionary definitions for all the words), The Punisher (she who insults with the most force and injury), and so on.

Create a new type of insult war? Have clean, fun suggestions of new words to add to Sir Insult-a-lot? Share it with everyone else via the Sir Insult-a-lot forums. Share the pain, the misery, the joy!

Go on. You know you want to. Get mean and nasty. Insult away with Sir Insult-a-lot!

*Not for the overly sensitive, easily offended, wussy little soul. For entertainment and educational purposes only.


  • Over 20 million unique insults on the fly
  • Share your insults via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and email.
  • Save favourite insults and even share them later.
  • Hours and hours and hours of fun.


Default - main screen, Sir Insult-a-lot, entertainment, game, iPhone application by RookSoft Pte Ltd of Singaporeinsults Sir Insult-a-lot, iPhone application, entertainment, game by RookSoft Pte Ltd of Singaporeinsults Sir Insult-a-lot, iPhone application, entertainment, game by RookSoft Pte Ltd of Singapore

Support for Sir Insult-a-lot

If you have any questions about Sir Insult-a-lot, experience any problems, or have any comments or suggestions:

  • Read the help file for Sir Insult-a-lot.
  • Use the built-in feedback system in Sir Insult-a-lot to report bugs or suggest new features.
  • Visit our support forums.