Mideast Tunes

Mobile app developer RookSoft (Singapore) developed Mideast Tunes, available for immediate download on Apple's App Store

Mideast Tunes is a platform for emerging underground musicians in the Middle East & North Africa to encourage, inspire and expose talented young artists across the region.

CNN says this about Mideast Tunes:

“The site, which will be rolled out later this month, is a platform for the region’s alternative musicians, from hip hop and trance artists to metal and alt-rock groups.These groups are expressing themselves in a way, sometimes personal, sometimes religious, that has not been explored properly.”

Mideast Tunes uses a built-in database to keep track of band-related information. The database is updated via the Internet to get the latest band information from the Mideast Youth servers when the device is online. Additionally, all songs have to be downloaded only once, and thereafter is stored locally on the device.

Other functionality, such as Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace pages for each band, are also included in Mideast Tunes.

Mideast Tunes coded by RookSoft Pte Ltd of Singapore