Salon’s Android App

RookSoft Pte Ltd developed the Android app for It’s suitable for use on both smartphones and tablet devices. This is an ongoing project with new features being developed.

Now This News iOS app

“NowThisNews Delivers a Premium iOS News Watching Experience.” – Mashable “Walter who? We no longer block out an hour to watch the evening news. NowThis News takes a different approach to news consumption that caters to the YouTube-loving crowd.” – FastCompany Huffington Post co-founder Ken Lerer and former CEO Eric Hippeau have collaborated to create […]

Salon’s iOS (iPhone, iPad) App

RookSoft Pte. Ltd. was responsible for creating an iOS app for Initially, an iPhone-only app was developed, then later, functionality was added for the iPad. This is an ongoing project. Here are some screenshots of the app.

Huffington Post iPad app

Huffington Post’s redesign of their iOS iPad-only app was a complete overhaul into a native iPad application. RookSoft developed the native iPad application from version 2.0 starting in October 2010 and continued until March 2012 with version 3.5. Additionally, RookSoft also contributed to the iOS-iPhone only app. Here are some screenshots of the app:


SpeechStakes is a fun app that helps you organise a sweepstake on the length of speeches at a wedding.

100 Years of Ermintrude

100 Years of Ermintrude by Tom Evans is a narrated ebook with soothing classical guitar background music. It tells the story of a great-great-granny from death to birth. 100 Years of Ermintrude is a multimedia e-book which provides not just images and text but also accompanying audio which is automatically played for each page. The […]


Soulwave is an e-book which utilizes RookSoft’s custom e-book format, Danno. Utilizing the features provided by Danno, Soulwave provides an e-book displaying richtext which is organized into chapters and which can be searched easily. In addition, the reader can increaes or decrease the displayed font size easily. Soulwave is a future-history – that is something […]

Mideast Tunes

Mideast Tunes is a platform for emerging underground musicians in the Middle East & North Africa to encourage, inspire and expose talented young artists across the region. CNN says this about Mideast Tunes: “The site, which will be rolled out later this month, is a platform for the region’s alternative musicians, from hip hop and […]

Appreciating Angels

Appreciating Angels is a harrowing, yet heart-warming account of the author’s life story transitioning from an adolescent teen to a young woman. Appreciating Angels by Sarah Lamb is an e-book which utilizes the RookSoft custom Danno e-book format.

The Cards of Blessings

The Cards of Blessings is a set of 26 inspiring cards that come up at random at a shake of the iPhone or a tap on the screen. The Cards of Blessings by Lizzi Vandorpe is a set of inspirational cards which can be viewed sequentially. Alternatively, you can shake your iPhone/iPod touch to get […]