The Cards of Blessings

Mobile app developer RookSoft (Singapore) developed The Cards of Blessings by Lizzi Vandorpe, an iOS app available for immediate download on Apple's App Store

The Cards of Blessings is a set of 26 inspiring cards that come up at random at a shake of the iPhone or a tap on the screen.

The Cards of Blessings by Lizzi Vandorpe is a set of inspirational cards which can be viewed sequentially. Alternatively, you can shake your iPhone/iPod touch to get a card at random. While viewing a card, you can tap the left or the right of the screen to be taken to the previous/next card. Additionally, if you tap the center of the screen while viewing a card, a toolbar will appear which gives you extra options like the ability to email a card to a friend or to Tweet about it.

The Cards of Blessings by RookSoft Pte Ltd of Singapore