Now This News

Now This News is a new startup founded by Huffington Post co-founder Ken Lerer and former CEO Eric Hippeau and is a new social news video site. Now This News is all about making news more fun and interesting for the YouTube-watching crowd. Now This News is serious about news, hiring former CNN exec Eason […]

Salon.Com has been an industry leader since the dawn of the Internet for online breaking news, politics, culture, technology, and entertainment. Salon has over 10 million monthly unique visitors and currently ranks in the top 400 most visited sites for US web users and in the top 1300 most visited sites for worldwide Internet users, […]

Pink Zombie Studios

Pink Zombie Studios is our brand for apps we’ve developed for ourselves. Pink Zombie Studios apps are developed by Fahim Farook of RookSoft and Laurie Ashton Farook. Pink Zombie Studios aims to develop fun and colourful games and apps for various platforms including iOS, watchOS, tvOS, macOS, iMessage, iBooks, and Android. Completed Projects We’ve completed many […]

AOL / Huffington Post

The Huffington Post was founded by Arianna Huffington, Kenneth Lerer, and Jonah Peretti in May 2005. Since its founding, it’s become a major source of news and commentary for the US public, ranking 20th most popular website in the USA and 80th most popular website worldwide according to The Huffington Post features over 3,000 […]

My Agency

My Agency is a successful UK-based agency that’s worked with companies such as Welch’s, AMD, Sunny D, and MAC. My Agency deals with advertising (print, television, radio, etc.), brand identity and implementation, strategic consulting, and more.   Projects Completed

Shere Solutions

Shere Solutions is owned and operated by Tom Evans, who also does The Bookwright. Tom Evans is an author’s mentor, writer’s unblocker, and wizard of light bulb moments. We’ve created a range of multimedia and e-book applications for Shere Solutions. Projects Completed

Jean-Cristoph von Oertzen

Jean-Cristoph von Oertzen (Germany) is a traditional archer (traditional being defined by him as an archer who uses simple wooden bows without stabilizers, target devices, or pulley system) who runs a blog about archery in the German language. Jean-Cristoph von Oertzen wrote a script to calculate the real, static spin values ​​for a wooden arrow […] is a student-owned independent network that promotes constructive dialogue and understanding within the Middle East and North Africa. Arabs, Iranians, Kurds, and Israelis work side by side on a variety of different projects in order to advance towards moderation and interfaith understanding. Projects Completed

Brad Montgomery

Brad Montgomery is a motivational speaker who relies on his background as a professional humorist and entertainer to motivate and inspire groups to decrease stress, increase laughter and generally to enjoy life – and work! Although Brad speaks to conferences, meetings and conventions about change, attitude, risk taking, and success, the common thread in his […]